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The entertainment business is not only a specialized industry, it's a specialized area of the law. When hiring an entertainment attorney, clients need and deserve representation by experienced counsel familiar with how the entertainment industry works today. Our firm has worked with and represented musicians, designers and others working in the world of entertainment including labels, producers, DJs, bands, and other artists. 

In the music industry, we provide top notch support to clients seeking legal and business assistance, including:

  • Preparing, reviewing, and negotiating industry-related agreements 

  • Recording Agreements

  • Production Agreements

  • Publishing contracts

  • Distribution deals

  • Live Performance Agreements

  • Artist Management Agreements

  • Merchandising deals 

  • Use and Licensing arrangements


In addition to entertainment contract management, our firm is often retained by clients to assist with the day to day operations of their businesses. Such services include working with media, entertainment and technology sector clients on the purchase, transfer, licensing and protection of intellectual property, including trademarks, domain names, and copyrights. Our firm also assists musicians, artists, and producers to negotiate services agreements, prepare copyright ownership agreements, work for hire agreements and other related contracts.

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