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Many project-based legal services can be performed on an alternative fee arrangement, such as a fixed-fee or flat-fee basis. These special arrangements are made between our firm and our clients to provide for the compensation of legal services based on a structure other than the traditional hourly billing model. Read below to learn more about why our clients choose flat fee and fixed fee billing arrangements for their legal services.



Unlike the hourly billing model, when legal services are performed on a flat-fee or fixed-fee basis, attorneys are incentivized to work more efficiently to complete their projects. It's not in their best interests to spend unnecessary amounts of time on a matter since their compensation isn't based on how much time it takes them to complete.



While flat fee and fixed fee billing arrangements aren't always "less expensive" than traditional hourly billing, they do create predictability for our clients. You shouldn't have to fear receiving a bill from your attorneys nor should you have to be surprised when you see the amount being charged. Flat fee and fixed fee billing arrangements remove the uncertainty and allows our clients to focus on what's more important...their business.



When it comes to legal work, time is not always the best way of measuring value. What matters are the results. Fixed fee and flat fee billing structures emphasize the value of legal services. By knowing the costs up front, our clients don't have to worry about receiving a bill for every email and phone call they make. Rather, they can work collaboratively with us to achieve the results desired. 



Expensive hourly fees charged by larger firms are not always the best solution for smaller transactions, nor do they best serve the financial situation of small business owners. At the Law Office of Christian Fong, P.A., you can expect to receive the same level of expertise and experience of our large firm competitors, but at a significant lower overall cost.

We offer these alternative billing arrangements because we are committed to the success of our clients. Our clients love it and we do too. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and to help you reach your goals.

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